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A water filtration system is an important component of any residential or commercial property, especially when the water is coming from a borehole or wellpoint. You need to make sure that the water you are consuming is free from toxins, especially if there is a child consuming the water. When an ozone water treatment or filtration system is installed, you will have safe and better tasting drinking water as quickly and easily as turning on a tap. Ozone water treatment quickly and efficiently relieves the water of all chemicals and odours, without the use of other toxic chemicals such as chlorine. Other filtration systems can also be installed to sterilise and purify your drinking water. At liquid Rain, we believe our filtration products have your best interests in mind. Take care of your health by installing an Ozone water treatment or filtration system today!

• We specialize in the installation of ozone/water treatment and filtration systems for borehole and wellpoint water to connect to your residential / commercial fresh water supply
• By installing this system you can save up to a 100% on your water bill.


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