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Liquid Rain is an organisation that is synonymous with professionalism and reliability. Align your contextual operations with the masters in irrigation today!

Agricultural irrigation paves the way for a controlled amount of water needed at different intervals to maintain landscapes as well as re-vegetating dry soil areas with low rainfall.

We specialise in irrigation to a multitude of industries. This includes irrigation services for residential, commercial, sports, recreational fields as well as agricultural sectors. A particular focus on the agricultural sphere has been prominent in our core service offering.

Our irrigation systems are designed to adhere to the highest levels of SABI standards. The installation process of agricultural irrigation systems are seamless with a continual maintenance and upgrade process of existing irrigation systems.

In order for Liquid Rain to enhance your individual irrigational experience, we have various options of Manual or Various Automated irrigation options. This can also be subcategorized into Decoder, Radio Controlled or Hard Wired systems.


• Irrigation designs according to SABI standards
• Installation of New Irrigation systems, upgrade & Maintenance of existing irrigation systems
• Options of Manual or Various Automated(Decoder / Radio Controlled / Hard Wired)
• Irrigation systems

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