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Sports Fields 2019-04-18T08:33:05+00:00


Sports fields are torn up on a daily basis by boots and other sports equipment. Maintaining these fields is important for the appearance of any club or school. Liquid Rain offers installations of sports field irrigation. The automated system allows for sprinklers to be set for a specific time. This means that the irrigation system can be set for a specific time of day that will not interfere with scheduled use of the fields. The irrigation system does not pose danger to the players on the field or the coaches on the sidelines as they are placed in the ground and only rise above the ground when they are in use. Keep your sports fields looking neat and tidy by installing our irrigation system. It is the easy maintenance option, all that you must do is set a time and wait for our irrigation system to work its magic.

• Irrigation designs according to SABI standards
• Installation of New Irrigation systems, upgrade & Maintenance of existing irrigation systems
• Options of Manual or Various Automated(Decoder / Hard Wired) Irrigation Systems

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